Consultation Solutions

SCash Global offers comprehensive consultation solutions for businesses, empowering them with strategic insights, innovative financial strategies, and operational efficiency to drive growth and success in a rapidly evolving market landscape.

Super APP

Transform your digital landscape with our cutting-edge Super App solutions. We redefine the mobile experience by seamlessly integrating a multitude of services into a single, user-friendly platform. From messaging to payments, our Super App offering ensures your users enjoy a consolidated and efficient experience. Elevate your software ecosystem with the power of multifunctionality, seamless interfaces, and financial integration, setting your company apart in the dynamic world of app development.

Mini Programs

Experience the future of app development with our Mini Programs solutions. Mini Programs are compact, versatile applications that offer targeted functionality within a lightweight framework. These nimble apps streamline user experiences by delivering specific services without the need for extensive downloads. Our cutting-edge approach to Mini Programs ensures efficiency, speed, and tailored solutions, providing users with focused, hassle-free interactions. Elevate your software offerings by embracing the agility and precision of Mini Programs, revolutionizing the way users engage with your platform.


UShop is an innovative online retail marketplace platform that transforms the shopping experience. Customers enjoy effortless exploration, personalized orders, and secure transactions, while merchants benefit from efficient order management and comprehensive analytics. With an exclusive membership system, UShop enhances customer satisfaction through exclusive discounts and tailored recommendations. UShop sets a new standard in convenience, efficiency, and accessibility, reshaping the online shopping landscape.


UOrder revolutionizes the ordering experience with its comprehensive mobile ordering system and brand. Through its digital platform, customers can effortlessly browse menus, customize orders, and securely make mobile payments, while merchants benefit from powerful backend functionality for efficient order management, menu customization, insightful reports, and seamless customer communication. UOrder enhances convenience, efficiency, and accessibility, setting new industry standards for both customers and businesses.


UBook is leading the charge in transforming the landscape of reservations and bookings through its cutting-edge online platform. Whether you’re orchestrating a luxurious hotel retreat, planning a culinary adventure, or immersing yourself in local attractions, UBook provides an effortlessly sophisticated and user-centric process to meet all your reservation requirements. Patrons can seamlessly peruse an array of available choices, tailor preferences with ease, and securely finalize bookings. Meanwhile, enterprises reap the rewards of a formidable backend system designed for nimble reservation administration, instantaneous updates, and seamless interaction with clientele.

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