Graduate Trainee (Business Development), Business Development Executive

Dec 1, 2023

Job Type: Permanent
Job Location: Singapore

Job Description

  • Emphasize the business’s commercial aspect, contribute value to clients, and enhance revenue streams.
  • Collaborate with our proactive business professionals and engage in diverse projects spanning a wide customer base and
    varied offerings
  • Work collectively to provide solutions that align with our clients’ needs, contributing to their success in the marketplace.
  • Your role encompasses Project Management, Commercial/Service Management, Business Development, Bid Management,
    Sales, Business Consulting, and Operational Support.
  • Grasp the essential business priorities, processes, and organizational implications to ensure the delivery of satisfactory
    solutions to our clients.
  • Participate in all stages of customer engagement, from initial planning and design to completion and ongoing support.
  • Cultivate, establish, and nurture strong, effective working relationships with clients.
  • Develop your career by acquiring essential skills crucial to organizational processes, market evolution, and client
    connections. Simultaneously, you will be paired with a mentor from the company.


  • Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent

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