Alibaba Cloud

A comprehensive suite of global cloud computing services

No.1 in Asia Pacific

Access China’s most advanced cloud network with dedicated ICP application and compliance support

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256,000 transactions per seconds within
24 hours during Singles Day Shopping Festival

Alibaba Cloud Distributor

Alibaba Cloud appointed SCash to be its
distributor and to oversee its resellers

Alibaba Cloud, established in 2009, provides a comprehensive suite of cloud computing services to businesses worldwide from start-ups to corporations to government organizations. Alibaba Cloud is the official Cloud Services partner of the International Olympic Committee.

Our products and solutions include large-scale computing, storage resources, security, big data analytics, and ET Brains        that enable your business and industry to reach the next level.


Global Ecosystem

Alibaba Cloud is the technology backbone of
Alibaba Group, whose global ecosystem includes
e-commerce, payment, logistics, travel and more.


Alibaba Cloud has the most comprehensive
compliance in the Asia Pacific region including
C5 standard, PCI DSS, HIPAA, and the EU GDPR.

Inclusive Technology

Our products and solutions are
flexible, accessible, and affordable.

 What is ICP?

• A state-issued registration that allows a China-based website to legally operate in the country.
• All sites hosted on a mainland Chinese server must apply for and receive this license before their site goes live.

ICP Registration Categories

ICP Filing

• Internet Content Provider Registration Record (ICP 备案)
• It is required if you want to host your website in China,
only providing information to people without payment through the platform.

SecurityICP Commercial License

• Content Provider Commercial License (ICP 认证许可证)
• It is required if you want to host your website in China and
conduct business activities that involve payments through your platform

Why need an ICP License?

• Acquiring an ICP license is a legal requirement in China in order to operate a website in mainland China.

• Having an ICP license also allows you to access a Chinese content delivery network.

• You can also get hosting services in China with an ICP license, which allows you to have a faster-loading website.

• Having an ICP license allows you to have a better-performing website so that customers take your business more seriously.

Alibaba Cloud

A comprehensive suite of global cloud computing services